He is not your superman. He cannot fly and so he cannot take you to places. Perhaps, he can disappear right from where he is to the place where you are. If you are in danger and he is miles away from you, don’t worry too much because he would be as swift as the wind. He’d be there to save you. Even if it means putting his own life in danger, he would be willing to take risks only to protect you. 
But he cannot be there for you always, as much as he wanted to protect you as long as he lives. It may not be easy to take in —- the thought of him leaving you. If only you knew, how hard it is for him to leave you, you might understand his side. But you didn’t and so you hated yourself for relying on him too much. You hated yourself for being so dependent on a man you never thought would leave you one day.
But bear this in mind…
He’s your star; your very own star. No matter how far he is from you, he would be right there watching you from afar. He would still be there looking out for you.
He’s your star, the one that shines bright at night.Brighter as his love for you… He would make every dull night of yours, twinkle. So that when you look at the sky at night, it wouldn’t be an empty space. He would shine bright to assure you that no matter how dark the world is at times, there is someone or something from which you can find strength —- and in your case, it’s him. He may not be there right at your side physically, but feel your heart because that’s where he is.